Boss PS6 Harmonist Guitar Pedal

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Boss PS6 Harmonist Guitar PedalBOSS U.S. is pleased to announce the PS-6 Harmonist, combining four intelligent pitch-shift effects and three-voice harmony in one compact pedal. Boss PS-6 combines four pitch-shift effects and three-voice harmony in one pedal. Equipped with a powerful, custom-designed DSP chip for superior performance, the Boss PS-6 provides superb sound quality, ease of use, and professional pitch effects all under one hood.

Musician's Friend

Housed in the road-tested BOSS compact pedal chassis, the Boss PS-6 offers four different effect modes: Harmony, Pitch Shifter, Detune, and the all-new Super Bend. An astounding amount of effects control over the four modes is possible with the easy-to-use, four-knob interface.

Super Bend creates wild three- and four-octave pitch sweeps, and pedal-bending effects. The automatic behavior of Super Bend is easily adjusted with SHIFT, RISE TIME, and FALL TIME controls. For realtime control, users can connect an optional BOSS FV-500L/H or Roland EV-5 expression pedal and use the PS-6 as a foot-controlled pedal-bend effect.

With the Boss PS-6, it’s fast and simple for players to create rich three-voice harmony by selecting the desired major or minor key, and turning the SHIFT knob to 3-VOICE. In Pitch Shifter mode, players will enjoy extremely high-quality pitch shifts over a wide, +/- two-octave range. Detune mode provides chorus-like effects, which can be used in conjunction with three-voice harmony if desired. Sounds great, how much is it?

The Boss PS6 will be available in September with an MSRP of $241.50.

Boss PS6 Harmonist Guitar Pedal Video Demo

Boss PS6 Harmonist Guitar Pedal

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