Best Guitars and Gear of 2008

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Gibson Robot GuitarAs 2008 comes to a close, Gear-Vault decided to compile 10 reviews of 08’s guitar gear. From some of the smorgasbord of products launched back in the first quarter at NAMM, to the mountain of equipment scrutinized by the experts, guitarist and musicians, there’s been something new and exciting for all tastes, sounds and wallets.

Below is Gear-Vault’s pick of 10 guitar products that have blown us away and rocked our world in 2008.

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Peavey Vypyr 112 75-watt Combo: $299

Best Combo amp? We conveyed:
“Reviews are above favorable for the Peavey VYPYR. It’s reported that the VYPYR does a fantastic job of emulating the Peavey amps like the 6505, JSX and XXX. The VYPYR has 12 different amp models. Each model has a clean and distorted version for a total of 24 models, including one Marshall model and the Krank Krankenstein.”

Peavey Vypyr

Gibson Robot Guitars: $2,999

Most innovated? We conveyed:
“The Gibson Robot is the world’s first electric guitar with robotic technology and beat stiff competition from the Motorola ROKR E8 and Ripserver. The Best Music Hardware Award in association with Stuff Magazine was decided upon by a panel of prominent industry judges. The Gibson Robot Guitar was sighted for its innovation, style, usability and price point among additional features.”

best guitar to buy

Bugera 6260 Amplifier Head halfstack: $449 (head) + $249 (412 cabinet)

Best bang for the buck? We conveyed:
“The 6260 w/ 412H – BK halfstack is a serious rock-n-roll machine. And while the clean channel is indeed capable of crisp and punchy clean sounds (especially with vintage-style single-coil or PAFs pickups), this rig was clearly born to kick ass and take names.”

Bugera 6260

PRS McCarty Korina Guitar: $2,349

Smooth player? We conveyed:
“The PRS Korina McCarty confirms that a guitar doesn’t need a maple top to sound excellent. The Korina produces all of mahogany’s warmth with more definition in the bass and a more dynamic response.”

PRS McCarty Korina

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Pedal: $499

Best compiled stompbox effects modeler? We conveyed:
“The M13 is essentially (and for lack of a better definition) an entire arsenal of stompbox effects crammed into one evil machine…over 75 stompbox effects to be exact, including a fully-featured looper, distortions, delays, reverbs, modulation effects, compressors and filters housed in an all-metal housing and designed with the ease of use that you find with your favorite pedals.”

Line 6 M13

Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Distortion Pedal: $149

Worthy of a Sherman tank? We conveyed:
“The Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive is a maximum bang per buck bargain. Enclosed in a sheet metal casing worthy of a Sherman tank, this Siamese twin of sound boasts two selectors’ switches two status lights and a row of knobs that beg you to bend over and tweak em.”

Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Distortion Pedal

Blackheart BH5H Amplifier – The Little Giant: $199
Best 5-watt Little Giant? We conveyed:
“The Blackheart Little Giant BH5H head represents passionate devotion to true quality in flexibility, tone, looks, and extreme ruggedness.”

Blackheart BH5H Amplifier

Cort Guitars M900: $1,450

Finest guitar that slipped under the radar? We conveyed:
“After intensive research and testing we turned to Cort “Guitars, a Korean made guitar manufactured by Cor-Tek Cooperation. What we like about Cort is not only their fantastic price, but the quality craftsmanship and splendid quality control.”

Cort Guitars M900

Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Amplifier: $1,399

Truly a tour master? We conveyed:
“The Tourmaster features four preamp channels, voicing options and a contour circuit to give you a wide range of tones, suitable for just about any player.”

Egnater Tourmaster 4100

Why limit to gadgets? DOS Guitars opens new showroom: priceless

Another great guitar showroom? We conveyed:
“Musicians often find themselves wandering the wilderness of strange lands, possibly without their trusted axe to keep them safe. Perchance, this strange land is one of bizarre customs and hard to see through walls of guitars stacked to the ceiling, like DotOnShaft’s in store showroom.”


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