AMT Electronics TH-1 Tube Hall Guitar Pedal

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AMT Electronics Tube Hall — The Tube Hall is a programmable reverb and delay guitar pedal driven by an onboard valve. It offers a bunch of hall, room, plate and spring reverbs and eight delay types. You can program and save 16 of your favorite settings, and you’ll even get a power adapter with this unit.

The Tube Hall has a great selection of reverbs, including 2 hall types, 3 room versions, 2 kinds of plate, and spring. It features 8 types of delay and 16 factory presets you can edit and store in the pedal’s memory. An intuitive user interface makes it possible to master the stomp box in no time at all. Tube Hall is equipped with an LCD display showing all parameters currently in use both in operation and editing modes. Make adjustments via the single multifunctional encoder knob and 2 foot switches based on optical components. Rugged construction, mono and stereo modes. This is a discontinued product. Join our guitar message forum at to talk guitars and gear!

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One Response to “AMT Electronics TH-1 Tube Hall Guitar Pedal”
  1. john sal says:

    Can this particular pedal be used with Bass as well? I know some can and some can not. I am looking for a tube/valve reverb-delay pedal.

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