AMT Electronics Du Hast Guitar Pedal

July 10, 2010 by  

AMT Electronics Du Hast — If you like listening to grown men stripped to the waist shouting something angry in German, then you’ll love this guitar pedal. Named after Rammstein’s ditty about marriage, Du Hast, this brutal pedal has all the gain you’ll ever need. Love it till death do you part…

Musician's Friend

Du Hast is an aggressive heavy metal distortion guitar stompbox, with an added punch of low frequency. Designed specifically for heavy and drop-tuned players. Where your old pedals quit or couldn’t keep up, the Du Hast will take over and deliver searing crunch, screaming distortion, and thick bottomed rhythm. Equipped with Low, High, and Distortion knobs for custom control.

Listen to the audio files of the AMT Du Hast Distortion pedal below

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