AMT Electronics California Sound CLS Guitar Pedal

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AMT California Sound — The good folks at AMT’s UK distributor Black i Distortion reckon this pedal will add some ‘boogie’ (Mesa Boogie) to any setup. This pedal has that modern US saturated distortion tone associated with Metallica and the fat bottom-end makes your low E string riffs rumble like a bastard.

Musician's Friend

AMT California Sound creates rectified lead tone like you’ve never heard before, all from one compact stompbox. Incredible midrange focused tone that cuts seamlessly through any style of music. Level, Low, High, and Distortion knobs allow precise shaping of the output to give you the unique, perfect sound you’ve been searching for. Full of rich harmonics, nuances, and presence. The absolute best instrumental lead guitar pedal ever created. This pedal is a must have stompbox for any guitarist or studio. Used by the world famous instrumental guitarist Dimitar Nalbantov. Check for price.

Listen to the audio files of the AMT California Sound CLS guitar pedal below


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One Response to “AMT Electronics California Sound CLS Guitar Pedal”
  1. ProFuzz says:

    I listened to the demos… yes, this effect pedal sounds really cool … and I will not be wrong if I will say that Demo nr 3 reminded the Kirk Hammett’s solos from “91”

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