Amptweaker TightDrive Overdrive Pedal

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Amptweaker TightDrive OverdriveAmpTweaker is a new company founded by James Brown; former engineer at Peavey Electronics. James Brown is currently Chief Engineer for Kustom Amps. James Brown was responsible for some renown Peavey Amp designs, including Peavey 5150, XXX, JSX, Classic 50, Classic 30 and DeltaBlues. James was the lead engineer working with Eddie Van Halen for 13 years and also collaborated with Joe Satriani to reinforce his name in the guitar amplifier industry.

After receiving hundreds of online product ideas, Amptweaker is ready to reveal its first product, the TightDrive pedal. The overwhelming majority of consumers responded requesting overdrive/boost/distortion pedals, specifically with a tighter attack than many of the ones currently available. The result is the included Tight control which allows the player to dial in how smooth or aggressive the low end sounds—and feels.

Another repeated theme from customers was for pedals with two functions, such as distortion/boost, boost/delay, compressor/overdrive etc. Obviously the combinations were endless, so all Amptweaker pedals will include an effects loop on the back of the pedal that tracks the On/Off switch. There’s also a pre/post switch to select before or after the overdrive circuitry.

Other features include a magnetic sliding battery door that requires no tools to access, and LED lighting on the knobs for dark stages. There’s also a battery switch so there’s no need to unplug the input cable after the gig. The 14 gauge steel chassis is also ergonomically designed to prevent knob breakage, and to make the switch easier to engage.

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Amptweaker TightDrive Pedal Demo

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One Response to “Amptweaker TightDrive Overdrive Pedal”
  1. Mat Gurman says:

    That was a sweet sounding OD pedal. Very dynamic and chunky with plenty of control for whatever amount of tight or sag response the player is looking for. My only concern from what I heard on the demo is the noise. Some kind of external noise filter/gate is going to be necessary for recording. The same issue exists with high gain amps and pedals. Very organic sounding pedal! It sounds like an amp and a can “feel” the dynamics just listening to how it was responding to the right hand. Well done! I want one!

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